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The Good Credit Mastercard Gold credit card is the high end version of the simple Mastercard credit card. The latter takes advantage of the standard credit card, but adds another layer. This card is ideal for those who wish to benefit from many benefits and insurances. Like the standard version, it is available for € 5 per year and at an APR of 12.5%; the standard credit limit and the requirements are higher.


Thanks to Good Credit’ Mastercard Gold variant you can enjoy international advantages. It is possible to pay almost everywhere when you shop, go to the restaurant, book a hotel or other occasions. You can also withdraw money anywhere in the world or, if you prefer, it is also possible to pay online.

The credit card has a cash reserve which means you can pay before your income is in your account. For the refund you have the choice between three or four options depending on your credit.

International Insurance of Good Credit Mastercard Gold

Travel insurance

You can travel with peace of mind thanks to the travel insurance provided with the Good Credit Mastercard credit card. Before you travel you benefit from free advice, so you are better prepared for your trip.

Travel accident insurance: This insurance covers you in case of permanent disability or death in case of travel accident in Belgium or abroad. The insurance covers you to a maximum height of 25.000 €.

Missed or delayed flight or connection insurance: If your flight is delayed for more than 4 hours, you are covered for 125 €.

Luggage insurance: If your luggage is stolen or lost, you are covered for € 125, as well as if your luggage is delayed for more than 4 hours.

Protection against theft: You are insured in case of theft of your credit card or in case of theft when withdrawing cash at an ATM. In this case, you get up to 500 € of compensation.

Medical insurance

In the event that an unexpected event arrives abroad, you benefit from medical coverage thanks to the Good Credit Mastercard Gold credit card. The following costs are fully reimbursed.

Medical Assistance: For medical assistance needed after an accident or illness, you are covered for evacuation / medical repatriation, repatriation following medical care, hotel room for convalescence, visit of emergency and repatriation of mortal remains.

Hospital Insurance: In the event that you are hospitalized, you will be reimbursed for additional costs such as telephone charges, taxi fees for visitors and television fees.

Purchase insurance

Online shoppers enjoy exclusive benefits with the Good Credit Mastercard Gold credit card.

Protection of online purchases: Good Credit Mastercard Gold allows you to make online purchases in a secure way. Goods ordered with a value of € 50 or more are insured for 90 days up to a value of € 1,500 in case they are damaged or stolen.

Better price insurance: You bought a product and you find it at another cheaper supplier? With this insurance from Good Credit Mastercard Gold you are compensated for the difference between the price paid and the cheaper price.

Who is this credit card for?

In view of all the above information, it is clear that the Good Credit MasterCard Gold credit card is primarily intended for users with a stable income, traveling a lot or making a lot of purchases. With this credit, you are covered for all kinds of unpleasant situations that may unexpectedly occur.