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Many people want to invest money, but feel insecure with the amount of options. Do not worry. In today’s post, you will see how to take the first steps to start investing and have a healthy financial life.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should divide the amount destined to invest in three small boxes: short, medium and long term, always according to your financial goals. If you ask yourself, “How do I invest my money?”, It’s time to get rid of doubts and figure out where to start:

Mount an emergency reserve

Mount an emergency reserve

How to invest my money? It’s easy to start. Setting up an emergency reserve should be the first financial goal of any person. Assembling an emergency reserve is essential to have the necessary financial resources in case of unforeseen events in your life, such as an unexpected health expense or the need to make an unscheduled purchase.

The ideal is to create a reserve fund with a value ranging from three to six salaries. The best way to keep this money is in a savings account. In addition to being able to withdraw part of the amount without paying any kind of fee, you still count on the profitability of the investment during the period that does not mess with the money.

Plan the Retirement

Plan the Retirement

Planning for retirement is an important step for those still wondering “how to invest my money”. This investment is essential for those who want stability and security when they reach a later age. When setting the amount to be invested for this period of life – which, depending on your age, may be short, medium- or long-term planning – is important to consider health care expenses and remedies, reserving a large amount of what you spend today

Remember that Social Security retirement only covers 20% of your income. To reach full value, you can invest your money in applications that earn enough to reach the current amount when withdrawing money.

Invest in fixed income

LCI, LCA, fixed income funds, Treasury Direct. Separating part of your investments into fixed income is important for the future. Real Estate Credit Letters (LCIs) are fixed income securities that have fixed rate or index linked returns. The LCIs are quoted from the real estate loan and have the advantage of the security that the investor will not lose money and is exempt from tax for individuals.

The Agribusiness Credit Letters (LCAs), also fixed income securities, differ from the LCIs because they are issued from credit for agribusiness. Another safe investment option with guaranteed profitability is Treasury Direct. Program for online sale of public bonds for individuals requires only $ 30 of initial investment.

Diversify investments

Diversify investments

In addition to the fixed income, safer, but with lower profitability, if you have money available it is worth diversifying your investments by directing an amount to equity investment funds, stocks, among others. These options offer more significant profitability.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the risk in this type of investment is high. There is no guarantee of earnings and losing money is a possibility. Diversifying your investment portfolio and not dumping all the eggs in the same box is a good idea if you do not need this money urgently and can handle the risks.