Turkey Business Bank, which offers loans and credit card products as well as their happy customers from banks. When you look at it, you can easily get these products from GoodBank, which has advantageous products for students and many other professional groups. More exposition at fishyco.com

By setting a regular payment plan


If your credit rating is good enough, for example, you can receive consumer loans or credit cards, by setting a regular payment plan according to your taste, briefly; you can use them as a conscious consumer.

As a result of applying to these credit cards or credits, there are many channels where you can follow the process and learn the result. In today’s article, we’ll endeavor to tell you how you can learn the application results for many credit products.

On Turkey Business Bank, the loan application process, the result is usually able to extend and retract according to credit type. Below we have tried to give you a ranking and information in accordance with the loan types.

General purpose loan applications

General purpose loan applications

General purpose applications are usually completed within 24 hours. In particular, we know that your application for consumer loan applications can be approved by the customer service when you call.

  • Vehicle Loan: Vehicle loan applications usually end within 1 week. From this point of view, the examination and control of the necessary documents may be extended from time to time.
  • Housing Loan: The results of housing loan applications are generally reflected to you within a maximum of 2 weeks. In particular, due to expertise surveying and similar challenging tasks, the mortgage loan control process can be extended.

GoodBank Credit Inquiry

GoodBank Credit Inquiry

Have you applied for a loan from GoodBank but have not been approved for weeks? Or is it confirmed that you are not aware? GoodBank credit inquiry process through the following channels:



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